welcome to copenhagen

https://www.mettehansgaard.dk Art in Copenhagen. Did you know that we have an artstreet in Copenhagen?

It is called: Artstreet Rørholmsgade, in Danish "kunstnergaden Rørholmsgade.

On this page you can red about my charming gallery in Copenhagen. You will also find some travel tips if you are traveling in Copenhagen near by the gallery in the city center. 

In the artstreet Rørholmsgade in Copenhagen. Please visit my charming gallery. Galleri H by artist Mette Hansgaard shows art exhibition in Copenhagen. Galleri H has paintings, watercolours and photo exhibitions and a working studio.

Hi, I am Mette Hansgaard you will meet me ind the gallery - Galleri H. I am a working artist and work on my paintings in Galleri H in Copenhagen.
The Galleri H has popup art exhibitions and I will take care of them. My gallery is open every week.

You may feel free to make an appointment it is free to visit. My own work is on this page by the way www.mettehansgaard.dk 

Below is a photo from Martin Dybdal. 
He has a photo exhibition in the gallery H. in september 2019.

Photographer Martin Dybdal exhibition in Galleri H. September 2019. Galleri H has a new artist every month. 

Galleri H in the Artstreet: Rørholmsgade 6. kld.tv. 1352 Copenhagen. Denmark. 
Call Mette for reservation of a special show. Phone +45// 42680900 e-mail: metteskunst@gmail.com 

Art sculptures by Michael Khalil permanent exhibition in the Galleri H. 

How to find art in Copenhagen. 

1. How to find the Artstreet. Take the train to Nørreport train station and metro station.  Walk through Gothersgade turn wright. Walk beside Bothanical Garden until you will meet the corner of Rørholmsgade. The street is just 2 minutes from State museum of art. SMK. In Denmark you shall use a travelplan called "rejseplanen". The artstreet is 10 minuttes away from Nørreport by walk. The Artstreet Rørholmsgade is next to the big art Museum. 

Al the artist open there galleries first Sunday in a month from kl. 12:00 - 16:00 Also first Thursday in a month 16 - 19.

(My galleri is open thursday and sunday)

2. The great museum Statens Museum for Kunst you might find very interesting read more here SMK it is 5 minutes from the Gallery. 

3. Rosenborg Castle. You will find an old castle in the middle om the Kings Garden. This is the place you can see the queens diamonds. 8 minutes from the gallery. 

4. Kings garden is a wonderful park. It is also 5 minutes from the Gallery H in Rørholmsgade. 

5. Across Kings garden this is where you will find the Natural History Museum of Denmark. Also 5 minutes from the Galleri H. You have to walk around the park to get to the artstreet because the a rebuilding some of the Museum at the moment 2019.

4. Botanical Garden is a beautiful park with flowers and trees and butterflies. It is just across Nørreport station. 

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